knot invitation knot on the wall 2 knot on the wally knot pillow knot platter nautical 2 necklace ring shoes tying the knot signwater and rope

I would love to offer my poetry to you for special occasions. I think it would be lovely to inscribe it onto the marble knotted wall art here or have it set onto the invitation paper and framed. I hope this is inspirational for you brides to be.


  by Bridget Visser

We tie knots in circles,
Trying to catch birds that will only fly away.

The wind will whisper:
I am empty without you.

~We will hang pieces of driftwood~
Our first gift for new life.
Old polished absence where pain once had a place.
Now smoothed over like a painting,
like glistening wings pressed out of snow.

Salt waves and sand heal wounds that are as old as all the earth.

You are my chance at peace.
I must go through war first.

Tie me into you.
Pull me close that I may wash up on your shore.
Entangle me with knots that will bind us eternally.

Broken and healed,

A sand dollar heaven frees five doves.
You and me in the tide,
Tied together,


Measure our love with a nautical mile.
Throw the rope into the rushing waves.

Catch the wind,

Hold the sky,

Sail away.

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  1. Please note that this is copyrighted material that will be featured in my new poetry book. Please feel free to contact me about using my poems for special occasions*

    * Bridget

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