We tie knots in circles,

 Trying to catch birds that will only fly away.


The wind will whisper:

I am empty without you.


~We will hang pieces of driftwood~

Our first gift for new life.


Old polished absence where pain once had a place.

Now smoothed over like a painting,

Like glistening wings pressed out of snow.



Salt waves and sand heal wounds that are as old as all the earth.


You are my chance at peace.

I must go through war first.


Tie me into you.

Pull me close that I may wash up on your short.

Entangle me with knots that will bind us eternally.


Broken and healed,

A sand dollar heaven frees five doves.

You and me in the tide

Tied together,




We will measure our love with nautical miles.

Throw the rope into the rushing waves.



Catch the wind,


Hold the sky,


Sail away. 

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