To Hold the Sky – A Collection of Poetry by Bridget Visser is available

To Hold the Sky – A Collection of Poetry by Bridget Visser is available


   In Believing that God is the Living Word and that He is Eternal, One begins to reflect on the words and deeds of humanity juxtaposed with the thoughts and actions of saints and angels. This book,“To Hold the Sky” is an assemblage of collected  poems created  over the span of nearly ten years. The emotions and devotions of Heaven and Earth are the exploration of this poetic voyage. In accompaniment to the poems are reflective angelic artworks by many different historical artists.

    The ability to express our thoughts in our own words is one of the greatest blessings that God has given to us. It is my hope to be a messenger of that light which has a universal effect. My poetry, photography, and artworks all have a similar vein running through them. My work focuses on life, death, prayer, gentility, fragility, distance, time, space, echoes, angels, spirituality and the elements of the natural world such as earth, wind, water, and fire.

      The nature of man in relationship to our environment is often featured in my poetry. The natural world and the continual existence of the spiritual realm amidst the magnificent encompassment of the sky is what calls to me. The sky has no limit to its power, it’s majestic beauty. It’s presence is always felt wherever we may go. It is the realm of eternity which reaches onto forever and ever. It is the nest of the stars and the fulfilling of our heart’s dreams and desires. In these following pages I hope to take you on a journey where we will try “To Hold the Sky.”

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