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To Hold the Sky Studios is meant to be a representation of the human spirit which pulls us and calls us to reach out beyond our grasp. . .  to hold that which is not obtainable. Society strives with expressions of “The Sky is the Limit” meaning that all possibilities and capabilities are endless in an infinite and ever changing world. We know that the ends of the Heaven’s will never be in sight, it is like chasing a rainbow in the sky which you cannot touch. However, through a crystal you can light that prism of color directly onto your own skin.  Instantly, what you thought you could not touch actually touches you! It is my goal to be a messenger of that light and color which touches you.. My poetry, photography, charcoal sketches, oil and mixed media artworks all have a similar vein running through them. My work focuses on life, death, prayer, gentility, fragility, distance, time, space, echos, angels, spirtuality and the elements of the natural world such as earth, wind, water and fire. The nature of man in relationship to our environments of rain, rivers, oceans, meadows and mountains is often featured in my work. The clouds, stars, trees, leaves, flowers, the continual shifting of the sun’s light and the magnificent encompassment of the sky is what interests me. All these things speak to me and I listen.  I want to portray emotions of tenderness, love, fear, hope, sorrow, betrayal and loss. The titles of my poems and the titles of my photographs  are often very similar. It is my goal to express these subjects through the art of words  and imagery.  Rudolf Steiner wrote, “The power of speech is the starry script of the cosmos come to life.”  I want to “write down the stars  in my poetry and  “To Hold the Sky”  in a picture. I desire to communicate my thoughts through the timeless visions of photographs , the  permeating effect of  lyrics, and the  life that ensues in the feeling which a painting can convey.

~To Hold the Sky Studios is meant to make people look up to the heavens~

*as all poets and dreamers do*

A Collection of Poetry by Bridget Visser

The Sky was made to give you wings.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.   To Hold the Sky is a Collection of Poetry by Christian poet and artist Bridget Visser. It is a poetic reflection of life, death, love, gentility, fragility,angels, spirituality and the elements of the natural world. This book,“To Hold the Sky” is an assemblage of collected poems over the span of nearly ten years. The emotions and devotions of Heaven and Earth are the exploration of this poetic voyage. In accompaniment to the poems are reflective angelic artworks by many different historical artists. The sky has no limit to its power, it’s majestic beauty. It’s presence is always felt wherever we may go. It is the realm of eternity which reaches onto forever and ever. It is the nest of the stars and the fulfilling of our heart’s dreams and desires. In the pages of this book, you will be taken on a journey, where you will try “To Hold the Sky.”

“The sky was made to give you wings.”

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Bridget Visser

Poet * Artist * Photographer

To Hold the Sky Studios

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To Hold the Sky by Bridget Visser

To Hold the Sky

by Bridget Visser

Congratulations to Jennica of Great Britain for winning a signed collectors edition of “To Hold the Sky.”

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    • Thanks to you fellow star gazers and wordsmiths. It is good to take this step into new realms of cyberspace and meet people from all over the globe* Take care and keep the faith*

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